from “Old Stones Understand” – 2021 Shanti Arts LLC. in response to the June 24th Supreme Court Roe v. Wade overturn.

At day’s end
all over the world,
we lather the cloth.

Time to remove
the makeup
the armor
the magician’s blindfold
the leather
the ancient battle-mask
the gunk.

Scrub through the fake smile
the nervous twitch
the uncertain glance
the bruise
the pox
the shame
the un-yield
the unintended insult
the fully intended dig
the well-meant concern
the sloppy unwelcome kiss
the piercing glare.

Keep scrubbing: try to get out
the control
the no way out
the making do
the not good enough
the slap
the sting of no choice
the scars
the silence.

And now, sister of the world,
Tomorrow we start again.

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