Statement Footwear

Lower half of author in a green lame and black lace dress, featuring mint green Converse All-Star sneakers, circa 1987.

Green converse sneakers.
A wry deliberate choice when worn
with a green lamé and black lace dress
strapless for the start of summer 1987
fancy and scandalous
perfect for an ex-boyfriend’s prom
where I knew no one else
the breakup days before, the date kept anyway
to not waste this va-voom costume with
mint green high top sneakers lending balance.

The look and the shoes
both the converse
of what I was inside:
flouncy exterior, stripped-down interior
party girl dancing, philosopher watching
waiting for the night and its stale obligation to end
so the in-between feeling
of being 18 in that world
could figure itself out
in the dawn of 19.

Stacey Murphy

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