Image of cliff wall in nature, decorated with heart-shaped rocks
Heart Rock Wall, Located Near Ithaca

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Turning these pages of her first published collection, we sense that this poet has continued to move among the unknowns but this time is guiding us, assuring us that Nature, which she observes so patiently and well, has the answers, and what she can divine, she passes along. “For the leaf, simply letting go / is the thing.” Or, “some things just pick their own time / to hold and let go.” Like nature, she is a force that derives from an innate strength, so beware: “At our roots, / we can only suffer / without relief / for just so long.” And suddenly the voice of an ancient Pete Seeger rises and we join that strength as we must admire the very toughness of weed, even as we resist it. This writer is not Wordsworth, or Frost; she is Stacey Murphy. Walk with her.
—Jack Hopper, Tompkins County, NY Poet Laureate in 2015 and 2016, and author of “Rafting the Medusa” and three other poetry collections

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