Sharing Art and Connection

Musician Will Fudeman at the Heart Rock Wall in Tompkins County, NY – also the cover of his new album!

I love the way artists inspire one another. It can be really friendly!

Yesterday, I got an email from Will, a friend – through – another -friend who came to a reading in July. This picture of him is from one of my favorite spots, our local heart rock wall. I’ve written about this magical spot, and it appears on my cover page. Here’s what Will had to say:

“I keep your book of poems on top of my bookshelf so I can see the cover. I’d just gone to the Heart Rock Wall with a friend a few days before. A photo of me in front of that wall looked so triumphant and joyful that I chose it for the front cover of a CD of original songs that I released last month!”

In that spirit, I’m pleased to share Will’s album, available for free to review or for purchase. You can listen at

I’m also an occasional contributor to a quarterly nature poetry journal, “The Avocet.” Its editor encourages contributors share our name, state, and an email contact with each poem we submit. Then, readers – other poets mostly – can get in touch to express appreciation for a poem they like. It’s a very sweet system.

Artists appreciate encouragement and I’m happy to follow their examples.

There aren’t many followers to my infrequent blog – but if you are one of them, let me know – how do you find encouragement for your art? How do you encourage others?


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