For Solstice 2021

I tried an experiment today. I wrote six short stream-of-consciousness type poems as the day went on. The first two were written yesterday, but the second one got rewrote a bit, and then today, others came and went – and the last one was done during a thunderstorm. It was fun to play with tryingContinue reading “For Solstice 2021”

Tender is the Light

Tender is the lightas it swirls lazy dust motesthrough the once attic windowshining on what is left:rusty knob and tube wire,unnamed ancestorsin a musty shoebox,candle figurinesmelted by summersteddy bears succumbingto mold from rain and snowthrough the fallen-in roof.All left for salvageby squirrels who take whatis useful for nestsnature unjudginghumans not returningmemories unclaimed.