First Poetry Collection!

There’s something really fun about picking out a cover for a book. When we created “NY Votes for Women: A Suffrage Centennial Anthology” I worked with a creative design friend and we were so proud of the results. I’ve been fortunate again in working with a publisher, Shanti Arts, that is also a promoter ofContinue reading “First Poetry Collection!”

lights chasing each other

Alone on a full charter bus at nineteenshe leaned a warm cheek against the glassto feel the bone-cold outsidecrystals forming near her breathstaring into the firstmoments of the dayafter Christmas.Speeding southbound throughstars and towns, the familydinner long cold behind her;had they yet cleared Virginia?She looked over the meadows to thedistant ranch house roofs,long low rowsContinue reading “lights chasing each other”

Shorter on Mercy

One injured gooseleft behind at Third Damno flock mates in sightshe swam through the gloamright wing splayed, not tucked in,head down as a plane flew overand I said a prayerthat she recover soonfly off, find a new flock,or become a lucky breakfor a young coyotelearning to hunt,wishing either outcome swift.November’s night shadows lengthenNovember’s days growContinue reading “Shorter on Mercy”