Venturing Out

Photo by form PxHere

Venturing Out

The platform is high
but out it she ventures
will she just take the dive?
No – she pads back to the center
where the board is less shaky
head full of conjecture
on staying or going
she could use a mentor
to weigh out her choices
or maybe protect her
from the others, just waiting
to see how this adventure
will turn in the wind
will she sink or else swim?
Or will she back down
start all over again?
Her eyes to the sky
she takes a big breath
tastes the flavor of courage
when you’re scared half to death
she dashes to the end
of the board, out ahead,
feels air through her hair
hears her heart not her head.
Flying or falling, either way, it’s exquisite
the victory of choice when life comes
and you live it.


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