My Body

On January 20th it was the five-year anniversary of the Women’s March, an event that occurred in hundreds of cities and communities around the world and involved millions of people. I was at the march in Washington DC. I remember the way we felt at the end – like we had a toehold on hope again, after being frightened at the implications for women upon the results of the 2016 presidential election.

And here we are in 2022. Things seem grimmer than ever for women, given attempts to end body autonomy in healthcare through a very real chance that Roe v. Wade will be stripped away. Voting rights are in peril for ordinary Americans as well – and more. It’s tiring just even typing these sentences out.

That morning my friend and mentor, Zee Zahava, shared a list poem called “My Body” on her Facebook page. It inspired me to create, stream-of-conscious, my own “My Body” statements. I then shared them on Instagram @Staceycithaca and Facebook, slowly, in chunks over the course of two days and now I’m sharing them here in this collage. I love how it was clear, at the start, I wasn’t sure how many I’d end up with. I let the process flow as the days progressed – and it wound up with 8 segments.

All this is to say – if you have a spark of inspiration, roll with it. Especially if it moves you to do one thing to break you out of a feeling that verges on hopelessness.

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